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  • SUP

    Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Occam’s and The Slow Carb Diet

    Stand Up Paddle Boarding is the perfect addition to the Slow Carb Diet and and effective Occam’s Protocol Routine. Stand up paddle boarding has really caught fire over the last couple of years. And for good reason. Besides being a wonderful core exercise, stand up paddle boarding (SUP for short) combines some of my favorite things […]

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  • What’s in a Name? A Calorie by any Other Name Would Taste as Sweet?

    I was listening to a recent episode of Latest in Paleo (which is a great podcast by the way) and Angelo Coppola had referenced this wonderful video. Yes, it is a bit draumatic but true nonetheless. It had me thinking a lot about what Jennifer had mentioned in her last post: ‘It is not about counting […]

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  • A Post on Fasting

    I have no new updates on my platelets since I only see my doc every month now, so I thought I’d post something on fasting. After getting into another “discussion” with my RN wife on the “risks” of fasting (my body is somehow going to start eating my internal organs despite the fact that ~ […]

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  • CrossFit_BD_20120113_21-300x185

    Dairy, Depression, and Life Philosophy

    I was still hungry after my after-school snack of 4 eggs and sausage so I decided to have a glass of milk before bed. Dairy My stomach was bloated and achy all night. Which made me realize that I always get a little bloated after drinking milk. I like it, because it’s great for my […]

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  • leakygut

    Repairvite, Clearvite, Leaky Gut – My Stomach Hurts Just Thinking About It!

    So much has happened since my last post, I hardly know where to begin. Don’t worry though, I won’t bore everyone with an exceedingly long post. I’ll simply give an update and then move on. First of all, I developed patellar tendonitis in my right knee a couple of months ago. I guess I was […]

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  • 2012 Platelet count

    Celiac and ITP

    I’ve been doing some research on pubmed. Since Stephen mentioned leaky gut syndrome and I’ve been learning a lot from the Paleo Solution podcast, I thought maybe I should look for a connection between Celiac disease and ITP. I noticed since I started losing weight (the first thing I do to lose weight is stop […]

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  • Dec 2010

    Slow Carb and Ideopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura – A Little History

    In Sept of 2010 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called ITP. Ideopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura The treatment consisted of 80mg/day of prednisone for 3 months before I lost my insurance and quit cold turkey. I went from a slightly chubby weight of 180lbs in Sept. to 210lbs in Dec. (pic of me in the […]

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  • double kettlebell press

    Keep On Keeping On – Slow Carb and Intermittent Fasting

    Slow Carb and Fasting I’m just about to finish up my 4th week of the slow-carb-diet and intermittent fasting combination. As of today I’m weighing in at 162 down 2 lbs and my waist measurement around my belly button and handles measure at 36 ¼” down ¾”. Last time I posted I measure in at […]

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  • How to Change a Habit

    How to Change a Habit

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  • soda kills

    A Sip of Soda – How Soft Drinks Impact Your Health

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  • The Complete Guide to Interval Training

    High Intensity Interval Training: Tabata, Little and Turbulence

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  • Angelina_Jolie_53

    How Angelina Jolie and Teenage Pregnancy Can Cure Breast Cancer

    Angelina’s Breasts There has been more talk than usual about Angelina and her breasts recently. In my opinion Angelina made the best possible choice that is available to people with money who can afford genetic testing and breast augmentation. For Angelina there was an 80% statistical risk of her developing breast cancer at a young […]

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