Tony Horton's P90X vs. Timothy Ferriss' Occam's Protocol

I thought this was an interesting breakdown by Dan Dascalescu at the 2011 Quantified Self Conference. This could use a little (OK a lot) more detail, but is still worth a look!

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One Response to “Tony Horton's P90X vs. Timothy Ferriss' Occam's Protocol”

  1. TC - The Ancestral Man
    TC March 26, 2012 at 7:31 am #

    I wonder if one would see better results on Occam’s by substituting the isolation exercises for compound exercises? ie. Olympic lifts, pullups, squats, etc? Seems like it would stimulate more testosterone and HGH secretion by working more (and larger) muscles. Also, you would have sarcoplasmic AND myofribrillar growth. Which would mean mass AND strength increases. In theory, anyway. I’m also not a huge fan of eating all those simple carbohydrates Tim recommends. While it undoubtedly provides the insulin spike that rushes all the protein into your muscles, I don’t believe it’s the healthiest way to do things. Too much insulin over too long a period can lead to insulin resistance. I think people might have more luck working out in a fasted state (increases insulin sensitivity and HGH secretion) and then eating a big meal of protein and veggies after working out (or a protein shake with a good macro nutrient profile). Staying away from simple carbohydrates will decrease the amount of fat the a person will put on while keeping their insulin sensitivity high. I also believe Tim was able to put on 34lbs quickly because his body “remembered” what it was like to have that muscle from before. I don’t know a better way of explaining it than by saying that if you were previously muscular and lost it you will have an easier time regaining it than someone who has never had it. So people shouldn’t expect to put on 34lbs in 4 weeks unless they’ve previously been muscular or are very genetically gifted.

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