Stephen (4 Hour Body) Results and Tracking

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Weight: 162 lbs. Body Fat %: 15.2 HR: 78 BMI: 25.7 TDEE: 2659 Total Inches: 140.0 Weight: 162 lbs. Body Fat %: 14.9 BMI: 25.7 Total Inches 141.5 Weight: 162 lbs. Body Fat%: 14.9 BMI: 25.7 Total Inches: 143.4
10-1-2011 Month 5 Review: 5-2-2012
Weight: 163 Body Fat %: 15.7 HR: 70 BMI: 25.9 Total Inches: 141.5 Caloric Need: 2659 BMR: 1715 Blood Pressure: 112/68 Weight: 163
Body Fat: 15.9%
BMI: 25.52
Total Inches: 140.25
Weight:159lbs. Body Fat Percentage: 12.9%Resting HR: below 70

Excel Tracking Sheets:

You can read more about taking measurements and download a blank version of our Excel tracking table HERE



7-31-2011 11-34-13 PM 7-31-2011 11-38-22 PM
Weight: 162 lbs. Body Fat %: 15.2 BMI: 25.7 Total Inches: 140.0 Weight: 162 lbs. Body Fat %: 14.9 BMI: 25.7 Total Inches 141.5



7-31-2011 11-47-02 PM 7-31-2011 11-29-24 PM
Weight: 162 lbs. Body Fat %: 14.5 BMI: 25.7 Total Inches: 139.25 Weight: 162 lbs. Body Fat%: 14.9 BMI: 25.7 Total Inches: 143.4


10-6-2011 Stephen 4-Hour Body Excel Spreadsheet
Weight: 163 Body Fat %: 15.7 HR: 70 BMI: 25.9 TDEE: 2659 BMR: 1715

5 Responses to “Stephen (4 Hour Body) Results and Tracking”

  1. Ivan September 22, 2011 at 12:15 pm #

    Is this right that you have had no weight loss using the 4HB! Am I reading this correctly? If this is correct then I am very disheartened having just begun. Have you been following the diet strictly?

    • Stephen (4 Hour Body)
      Stephen (4HB) September 22, 2011 at 1:02 pm #

      Hi Ivan,

      Don’t be disheartened!

      Remember the 4-Hour Body is not necessarily about losing weight. That is probably the goal of most, but not really mine. My long-term goal is to lose body fat and change my body composition some. Really, it has been about maintaining what I have with about 10 percent of my initial time input. Going from 3 days in the gym at an hour each day down to one 20 minute (or so) workout and not only maintaining my muscle but still having lost body fat and increasing my total inches has amazed me.

      I am a big proponent of the slow carb diet and use this in my patients and have modified my diet quite a bit based on a lot of these principles. Mostly by significantly decreasing my total intake of carbs. I have seen some really great results and some really not so great results in my patient population. The greatest results have come from those with insulin problems to begin with. But this is more a factor of ones motivation than the diet itself.

      Define your goals and stick to the diet. Give it 8 weeks! Make sure you have a good way to track your progress: I put together a cheat sheet you can find here: . Don’t get too caught up on weight but focus more on body composition. If your over 30% body-fat, avoid calipers and use DEXA, BodPod, or ultrasound, in that order. We have tried using calipers here and it has been difficult to really be accurate over 30%.

      My goal: Busy dad not looking to be on the cover of GQ but to find a way to be healthy for life and still have time to spend doing the things I love: time with family, kids, friends, running, biking etc. etc. Basically: Maximizing Output while Minimizing Input!!! Does P90X fit this? I don’t think so, but you will find this in the pages of the 4-Hour Body!

  2. Steve September 30, 2011 at 3:07 am #

    Hi – great microsite – good for you for conducting the tests…I also am with you – Minimum Effective Dose! Are you doing any other exercise or just Occams + SCD? Are you doing cheat days? Its great you have had a decrease in bodyfat – however what it seems is that Tims results in the book are not typical?

    • Stephen (4 Hour Body)
      Stephen (4HB) October 1, 2011 at 8:28 am #

      Hey Steve,

      Thanks for the shout out! I guess I am lucky because if I had the option of going outside for a sport (really any and all) versus eating a pizza, I would probably take the sport. Been running a lot (training for a half marathon) and I cross train with weights (using Occam’s protocol once a week), surf, play tennis, bike, etc….. Plus pushing and pulling my two small children has added a bit of resistance training to my normal routines!

      I don’t do cheat days and use the SCD as a backdrop for just healthy all around eating. I definitely could use to cut some carbs though and I am sure I could get to my desired results. This is where I need a motion check. I am not sure if I “need” to have veins around my abdomen, but knowing how to get them is at least of benefit.

      I think Tim’s results could be typical, but again for the average human being I think good long term health is the goal. If I was still a single guy in my mid 20’s on the dating scene would I be a little more focused? Probably so, as of know my wife already thinks the Creatine in the cupboard is a bit overkill :) Such is life…

      Best of luck with all your adventures!


  3. Tracey July 25, 2015 at 7:02 am #

    Hi stephen, just found your site & wanted to ask a few q’s? How would u structure ur workouts – kiwi workouts on m&f and then full occam’s on wed? Thx very much!

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