Goals – Weekly, Daily, Monthly, and Yearly

This page will be updated weekly.  A data will be presented as a link to an Excel Spreadsheet. (If I can get it to work) Weekly goals in five (6) areas.

Average Calories Goal: 2200
Average Sodium Goal: 2400 mg
Average Carbs Goal: 150g but shooting for 100 or less
Average Fiber Goal: 25 mg
Average Steps per day Goal: 7500
Weight Goal: One Pound a Week


I will list the actual amount in each of the areas above for each day of the week.  It will also include my daily weight which will be taken in the morning without clothes. The averages and daily weight etc. will be posted every Wednesday morning, which is my cheat day in which I am allowed to eat anything I’d like.  I used to be bad, but now cheat in moderation.

October 2011

Other Goals

  1. Run two laps of the track, running the straights and walking the curves.  Once achieved, do four laps.  Once achieved, run four laps non stop.  (Cannot run more than 20 yards now without every bone in my legs and hips hurting.)
  2. Stretch morning and evening 6 days a week.  Take Sunday off.
  3. Do strength training Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Working on body toning and endurance.  Light weight and many reps.
  4. Do situps and pushups after stretching
  5. Do one video a week and post it to YouTube


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